Talent Development Centre

Indian Institute of Science, Challaker​e Campus

Building Legacy of Success

The I​ndian Institute of Science recognised the need for science and mathematics teachers training in the early years of 1980. A group of dedicated professors began training local teachers, which was eventually expanded to district centres in conjunction with the Department of State Education Research and Training, Karnataka, till 2009. During centennial celebration, IISc aquired 1500 acres of land in Challakere for its second campus and idea of having permanent facility for training teachers was concieved. In 2010, Government of Karnataka leased  sheep breeding facility to IISc to start teachers training program. Professor M S Hegde with his vision of training, started first high school teachers training program on 26 February 2011. Then it has expanded to  include UG and PG college teachers, under the Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya National Mission on Teachers and Teaching. ​With the success of these programs, in 2016, IISc in collaboration with

Prof. M S Hegde
pioneer behind the success of 
teachers' training program

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) started building permanent facility for the training program on the new campus. This facility includes a building with modern laboratories, multimedia class rooms, an auditorium and a seperate residential complex which can accommodate about 200 trainees and faculty members.​ Talent Development Center has been operating in this facility since 2020.

How to reach us

IISc Challakere campus is in Khudapura village located about 15 km from Challakere city. One can take bus from Challakere, going to Nayakanahatti to reach TDC.

Talent Development Centre 
Indian Institute of Science, 
Challakere campus at Khudapura,
Challakere, Chitradurga District,
Karnataka - 577536


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